Camaros Join Georgia State Patrol Fleet

Jul 8, 2022 2 min read
Camaros Join Georgia State Patrol Fleet

Pretty slick ride for a trooper…

If you’re driving through Georgia, you better keep an eye peeled not only for Dodge Chargers but also Chevy Camaros. Georgia State Troopers are going to start using the GM muscle car to run down speeders and other violators, showing off the first of its kind to the media.

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Actually, the first Camaro used by the Georgia State Patrol went into service back in May. A trooper based in Forsyth received the muscle car, with more to come. A spokesman told local journalists the Camaros will be used to catch extreme speeders and to respond to street racing incidents.

"The 0 to 120 or 100 MPH is way faster than the Dodge Charger so that makes catching up to vehicles way easier," the spokesman said. We’re not entirely clear on all the details in that statement, so feel free to argue in the comments about what it all means. But it definitely sounds like something you might hear at a contentious car meet as a Chevy guy tries trashing all the Mopars.

Obviously, these Camaros won’t be used for performing PIT maneuvers since they lack the push bars the Chargers have. We also don’t know if they’re actually pursuit rated since we’ve never heard of such a thing for a Camaro (if you have, please let us know). However, the Georgia State Patrol spokesman did admit they’re also useful for recruiting new troopers. Just wait until those new recruits receive the jankiest vehicles in the fleet, not a Camaro.

We’ve seen other law enforcement agencies employ sleek muscle cars or sports cars as part of their fleet. Most aren’t used in many real-world policing situations since they’re obviously not as utilitarian as the Dodge Charger, Ford Explorer, Chevy Tahoe, etc. But they sure are great for agencies’ image and getting people talking when representatives show up at public events.

Source: WMAZ

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