Rare 1968 Mercury Cougar GT Rescued

Feb 2, 2023 2 min read
Rare 1968 Mercury Cougar GT Rescued

This little pony will get the care it most definitely deserves…

Cougar sightings can be rare, especially these days, and we’re not talking about the big cats or women of a certain age. While the Ford Mustang has always been a huge hit, the Mercury Cougar always seemed to live in its shadow, a fact which was reflected in production numbers.

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Of course it doesn’t help that as the Cougar went from one generation to the next the very concept of what the car stood for shifted dramatically. While the Mustang dodged a bullet and didn’t become a front-wheel-drive collaboration with Mazda, the Cougar’s image arguable was tarnished with the younger generations, especially with the final generation sharing a platform with the Ford Contour, a far cry from the Mustang.

Still, the classic Cougars are definitely collectible, even if some younger people don’t recognize them for what they are. That’s what spurred Dennis Collins to grab one on a trip, declaring to the camera, “I haven’t done a Cougar in a while.” Like we said, sightings can be rare.

What really makes this particular Mercury Cougar GT rare is that it’s an S-Code 390 with the factory 4-speed. That combination makes this car quite rare. Even though it looks a little rough, the guy who sold it to Collins proudly declared that it will start and run, something which shocked the celebrity barn find sleuth. Such things aren’t givens in his line of work. Just the catch was the brakes didn’t work, making getting the car onto a trailer a little bit trickier. This is why a winch is an essential item for anyone wanting to get into this line of work.

With relatively so few classic Mercury Cougars sitting around these days, it’s great to see one on its way to a restoration. After all, classic Mustangs are great but we’re fans of variety.

Check out the recovery video and see the other two vehicles Collins rescues in the process.

Images via YouTube

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