2016 BMW M4 Is A Real Sports Car For The Road

Nov 28, 2022 2 min read
2016 BMW M4 Is A Real Sports Car For The Road

This car is what most brands lost years ago…

BMW, a brand most notably recognized around the world for their incredible performance in luxury automobiles. If you drive a BMW, it means that you are in a class of your own financially and possibly even socially to many people. Perhaps that’s not why you want one, Though that is how the world sees people who own these German masterpieces. No, you want this car because you really appreciate a vehicle for what it’s worth. Here’s a vehicle that showcases everything that some people just don’t understand.

Starting off with the exterior, this body was made to project power and competence on the road. Sure, the M in M4 stands for motorsport but the majority of this car is driving would likely be on the road because it’s just too good of a road car not to be. It’s big and comfy, plus it has a lot of technological creature comforts that other cars simply can’t match. However, while it might not exactly be 100% track focused, it does look like it belongs in a competitive setting with its aerodynamic packages and Gray and bronze color scheme.

Regardless of where it’s set up to perform, make no mistake in assuming any negative aspects of this car‘s ability to go fast on a dime. In fact under the hood you’ll find a twin turbocharged V6 engine, a power plant that just can’t be beat by anything else coming out of the BMW factory these days. One of the car community's most prominent complaints about modern cars, and one shared by me personally, is the lack of connection with a new vehicle. That’s exactly why this car has a seven speed manual transmission which gives you total control as a driver over the automobile. If you end up purchasing this BMW you should understand one thing very clearly, half the world is going to see you as some incredible elite race car driver or business person with a ton of money on hand and the other half is going to make fun of you because they want what you have. The thing that makes this car great is the fact that it simply doesn’t care. That’s because what it is is not some pretentious shell car or midlife crisis over compensation vehicle. No, what it is is an impressive street car and whoever ends up behind the wheel should get that.

This great car along with over 300 classic and collectible cars will be selling at Premier Auction's Punta Gorda, Florida auction on December 2nd and 3rd. Please visit https://www.premierauctiongroup.com

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