Arkansas Police PIT PT Cruiser

Dec 1, 2022 2 min read
Arkansas Police PIT PT Cruiser

Now we’ve seen it all…

During a chase, Arkansas State Police spiked the tires and did a PIT maneuver on a Chrysler PT Cruiser on Halloween night, with a wild dashcam video as proof. Never in my life did I think I would ever write that sentence, yet here we are in 2022. Of all the cars I would pick to run from the authorities, a PT Cruiser would be toward the bottom of the list or not on it at all. But I’ve never accused criminals of having much sense, so there you go.

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Surely police were able to keep up with the Chrysler and its wimpy four-cylinder engine no problem. We know, most cop cars really aren’t that fast but they should be enough to overtake a PT Cruiser. Yet for some reason troopers decided it would be best to use a spike strip.

Maybe they didn’t want to make contact with the retro-styled American car because it would be a shame to wreck one of the last remaining examples on the road. I know, there are others, occasionally I see them around, but back in the day they were everywhere. The numbers are dwindling.

Anyway, troopers successfully spiked the front tires on the PT Cruiser. A normal person would’ve given up once they realized their tire was done for, but a normal person wouldn’t use a PT Cruiser to run from the cops, now would they?

Like a determined little cuss, the driver keeps going on the bare metal rims, police hanging right behind until the lead car makes his move. After doing a PIT on the Chrysler, the driver loses control, regains it kind of, then veers into the soft median where the whole chase comes to an end. After all that, the PT Cruiser still looks to be in okay condition, or at least the rear bumper wasn’t torn off.

Anyway, the video is pretty entertaining to watch, so check it out.

Images via YouTube

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