1970 Challenger R/T Is Both Show And Go

Jun 23, 2021 1 min read
1970 Challenger R/T Is Both Show And Go

This Plum Crazy Purple Mopar muscle car will leave jaws dropping as it's challenging the competition!

Introduced late in the pony car game, the Dodge Challenger was not so much about being revolutionary, although it was, but more about making the absolute best pony car. The two series, available in three different models, were fitted with nearly every Mopar engine available. Some cars just scream patriotic from bumper to bumper, like this 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T. This Mopar has that classic look that drives crowds wild, guaranteeing people will want to take pictures of it everywhere you drive.

Dodge finally jumped into the pony car market segment with the Challenger for the 1970 model year. The R/T models were made for homologation requirements in Trans Am racing, meaning they are far more potent than the rest of the brand-new Challenger lineup in 1970.

That fact alone makes this ride highly collectible, so grab it now before you can’t get it again. Even if you’re just looking at 1970 Challengers R/Ts, only 2,142 were made and many haven’t survived.

This particular example is very well cared for and comes with the original window sticker, broadcast sheet, and notice from the Chrysler registry. It is heading to the Orlando auction from July 29-31.

Ad highlights:

  • Plum Crazy with White interior
  • Black vinyl top
  • 383 CI V-8 engine
  • Automatic transmission
  • Broadcast sheet
  • Window sticker
  • Listed in the Chrysler Registry
  • Disc brake upgrade

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