NYC Man Tracks His Stolen Dodge Charger

May 25, 2023 1 min read
NYC Man Tracks His Stolen Dodge Charger

And he helped get another person’s car back…

We keep telling people they should install at least one if not two or more GPS tracking devices on their car, particularly if it’s something thieves really like. Dodge Chargers and Challengers are constantly targeted, but a man in Brooklyn, New York was prepared and had a tracker installed on his Mopar muscle car.

Learn about a Florida woman who tracked down her stolen car and several others here.

According to NBC Washington, after his ride was stolen, the man looked at the GPS location and saw someone had driven the 2022 Dodge Charger Scat Pack to Prince George’s County, Maryland. The guy called police and told him he knew the exact location of his stolen car.

Police in Maryland sent a marked cruiser to the location indicated by the GPS tracker. When the officer neared the house, several men standing around two Chargers quickly threw car covers over the Mopars, which totally isn’t suspicious at all. Criminals are not the brightest people, that’s for sure.

The local auto theft unit showed up the next day with a warrant in hand. Sure enough, the two Dodge Chargers that had been covered up were reported stolen. Police arrested 27-year-old Christian Antonio Young and 25-year-old Kelvin McCreary.

According to police, the two men’s phones indicated they had been in Brooklyn the same time the Dodge Chargers were stolen. What’s more, a search of Young’s personal Dodge Challenger revealed receipts from a rest stop on I-95 in New Jersey from that same day, indicating the men went on a little road trip.

And this is why we keep telling people to install GPS trackers on their car. While the factory units are fine, most thieves know exactly where they’re located and how to disable them. You can get a fancy unit and have it professionally installed, or you can go cheap and get an Apple AirTag or two.

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