Mysterious Love Letters Recovered In Stolen Car

Feb 1, 2024 2 min read
Mysterious Love Letters Recovered In Stolen Car

We haven’t seen this before…

When you’re constantly reading news stories about stolen cars like we do, you start to see the same patterns emerge over time. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, a criminal does something which shocks you. We have just a story right out of Atlanta, Georgia and it involves some mysterious love letters.

A local report details out how Hattie Gelhausen, like so many others, had her car stolen not that long ago. Thankfully she got her vehicle back, but it came with some extra surprises. The thieves used it in a series of smash and grab thefts, stuffing it with all kinds of random items. Likely they sold or took with them anything they considered valuable, then they dumped the car on the side of the road along with everything else.

The letters and some telegrams were stacked up nicely in the car. Each one is addressed to “Barbo” or “Pony” and are signed by a man named “Keith.” Whoever Keith is or was, his cursive handwriting is impeccable. As Gelhausen noted, the unlined paper looks as if the man used a ruler to keep all the words perfectly lined up in neat rows.

Mixed in with the love letters and telegrams are some newspaper clippings from 1957 as well as a photo of the man. Likely, that man is Keith. The hope is someone will recognize the photo or letters and telegrams.

Probably what happened was that someone had the items in their car when it was broken into. Rather than sort through everything and only take what seemed valuable, the thieves grabbed everything and went through it later. They probably realized there was no money in the stack of papers, so they ditched it along with the other stolen items in the car.

“They’re special to someone and they should have them back,” said Gelhausen.

Source: Fox 10

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