Mustang's Near Miss At Drag Strip

Oct 9, 2023 2 min read
Mustang's Near Miss At Drag Strip

It was wheels up action.

Muscle car enthusiasts, hold onto your horsepower! In a recent face-off at Maple Grove Raceway, a modded Ford Mustang Fox Body and a tuned Chevy Camaro RS went tire-to-tire in a heart-stopping showdown that had everyone at the edge of their seats.

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Brought to us by the Upshift channel on YouTube, the event offered a nostalgic dive into the undying rivalry between GM and Ford – especially poignant as the landscape of the muscle car world changes with announcements like GM wrapping up Camaro's production earlier than expected and Dodge transitioning away from their V8 Hemi.

But such corporate maneuverings fade to the background when rubber meets asphalt. Maple Grove Raceway, an NHRA-sanctioned quarter-mile dragstrip in Pennsylvania, set the stage for this exhilarating duel. The featured race came as a part of the 'No Prep Kings Outlaw Big Tire' event.

The Mustang, dressed in striking blue, appeared fresh off a pricey restomodding table. Deceptive to the unsuspecting eye, its design meant serious business with purposeful cookie cutters upfront and beefy rear tires. Opposite the ring, stood the Chevy Camaro RS. With an appearance suggesting it survived a pyrotechnic display and a wheelie bar to match, it was clear it wasn't here to play.

However, just moments into the race, the dynamics took a dramatic turn. The Camaro, soon after lighting up the Christmas tree, wavered in its trajectory, its power surge almost throwing it off balance. The Mustang, on the other hand, waged its own battle, struggling to keep its nose down.

But the most dramatic twist was yet to come. The Ford's trajectory soon became unsettling, veering alarmingly close to a concrete barrier. Sideways and adrift, the Mustang seemed destined for a disastrous finale. But, displaying a masterclass in precision and presence of mind, its driver deployed the parachute, regaining control and avoiding what could've been a catastrophic crash.

The audience, initially stunned into silence, erupted in an overwhelming cheer, lauding the driver's spectacular save – dubbed the "cleanest save in NPK".

It's moments like these that remind us of the passion, danger, and undying spirit of classic muscle car duels. With the sands of time shifting beneath the muscle car world's feet, such events underscore the essence of these machines and the communities they forge.

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