Mustang Wrecks Out Street Racing Dodge Challenger

Nov 13, 2021 2 min read
Mustang Wrecks Out Street Racing Dodge Challenger

And the legend of the crashing Mustang continues…

Street racing isn’t something we endorse at all, partly because it can have deadly results and partly because a lot of drivers who engage in it are idiots. The included video of two Ford Mustangs racing a Dodge Challenger as a light turns green is a clear example of what can happen. Even though they’re ostensibly in evenly-matched muscle cars, obviously one of those drivers doesn’t know how to handle his vehicle when launch hard.

See yet another Mustang crash leaving a car meet right here.

Obviously, there were some shenanigans going on before the cameraman pulls up behind these three. As he’s approaching there’s tire smoke in the air, but we don’t know which vehicle it’s from – maybe it’s from all three. Perhaps they were heating up the tires before facing off? That’s not a great idea for behavior on a public road, especially considering there’s a fair amount of traffic, but it does seem to have made the cars behind them back off temporarily.

The cameraman takes advantage of that wide birth, pulling around the other cars to get behind one of the Mustangs. He’s clearly enjoying the show, saying, “go again, go again,” which is another indicator these guys have been jockeying for road position before the video clip starts.

These cars are revving their engines before the light turns, flexing their muscles until the light’s finally green and they take off. Well, two of them take off, but the black Mustang driver has trouble launching for whatever reason. When he finally does send it, the guy loses control, the back end coming out as the pony spins and hits the guardrail on the side of the road. At least he didn’t hit another car and his Mustang seems to have not been badly damaged, although his ego is probably decimated.

What really gets us is both of the Mustangs are S550s. They don’t have a solid rear axle, which was the excuse often made before for why there are so many videos of Mustangs crashing when leaving car meets or engaging in illegal street races. However, this guy still manages to live up to that unfortunate reputation. What do you think happened here?

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Street racing is never a good idea, folks.
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