Mustang Hits Lamborghini Huracan And Runs For It

Apr 12, 2022 2 min read
Mustang Hits Lamborghini Huracan And Runs For It

How incredibly trashy…

Look, we don’t have a problem with Ford Mustangs. We know some very nice people who own them. However, there’s an unfortunate stereotype of the Mustang driver who’s completely reckless, having zero regard for anyone else on the sidewalk. We see bad behavior from Challenger and Camaro drivers, too, but it’s stuff like this video of an S550 hitting a Lamborghini Huracan, then taking off like nothing happened which works to reinforce the unfortunate stereotype.

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The clip, which reportedly was taken on the streets of Miami back on March 21, lasts a mere 12 seconds. However, that’s enough to absolutely enrage car enthusiasts. After all, if you hit someone else’s ride you better as hell stop and provide your insurance information. Not only is it illegal to engage in a hit-and-run, it’s just a jerk move.

The car with the dashcam is in the left lane of a four-lane road. Up ahead is the Huracan with its brake lights illuminated, stopped in the right lane waiting for what looks like some sort of turnoff lane. There’s a car in front of the supercar, so it can’t move forward and get out of the lane of traffic.

That’s when the Ford Mustang comes on the scene like a wrecking ball. The little pony goes from the right lane into the left, cutting off the car running the dashcam. Unfortunately, the driver miscalculates and catches the rear corner of the Lambo.

There’s no way the Mustang driver didn’t know what happened, unless he was driving intoxicated. Forces from the impact send his car swerving into the right lane and he overcorrects, swerving into the left lane. Thankfully, he doesn’t slam into oncoming traffic, but it was close. Then he just keeps on driving.

As many people immediately observed, the Mustang is an EcoBoost. Does that explain why the driver just hit and ran? You be the judge.

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