Mustang Driver Busted Looting Louis Vuitton Store In San Francisco

Nov 22, 2021 3 min read
Mustang Driver Busted Looting Louis Vuitton Store In San Francisco

The cops came in hard on this guy!

You might have already heard about the dramatic heist at the Louis Vuitton store in San Francisco over the weekend. That and other stores in Union Square were robbed in a smash and grab rush by dozens of people who carried all kinds of merchandise to their waiting cars, then took off. Police were able to arrest a few people, including the driver of this Ford Mustang, which was caught on camera by a bystander.

Check out an explosive Ford Mustang police chase out of Hawaii here.

No doubt, this person thought bringing a Mustang as a getaway car was a great idea. What they forgot to calculate for was their lack of speed on foot before getting to the vehicle. By the time they hop inside, the cops swarm the pony car and start bashing the windows with batons. Then a black-and-white patrol car pulls in front, but the driver still could’ve reversed and pulled a Baby Driver maneuver.

Plus, it’s worth pointing out this looks like an EcoBoost Mustang. If you want to make a quick getaway, don’t go with the turbo-four pony. Likely the car was stolen, since these criminals are usually smart enough to not use their own ride during a heist, so why not swipe a Mustang GT with the Coyote V8?

Even smarter, this person could just work an honest job and not steal. What a concept.

What’s really funny is right before the cops show up and bust the Mustang driver, the bystanders capture on camera a guy just running down the streets with his arms full of what looks like clothing. The guy has two masks on, one over his nose and mouth and one just above his eyes, probably in an attempt to hide his identity. Hey, it worked for train robbers in the Wild West, right?

Here’s the real irony: shoplifting in San Francisco isn’t even a crime prosecutors will pursue these days, if it falls below a certain dollar amount. There are many videos on the internet of people with trash bags just clearing shelves in Walgreens and other stores in the city, then calmly walking out while employees just stand there helplessly. Maybe the stuff at Louis Vuitton is all too expensive to be “okay” to steal? Or these people just don’t care? Whatever the reason, San Francisco seems to have quite the crime problem these days, so we doubt this will be the last time we see something like this go down.

Watch the video for yourself (warning: language).

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