Dually Diesel Ready To Show Its Talents

Nov 22, 2021 1 min read
Dually Diesel Ready To Show Its Talents

This incredible truck is a monstrous mashup of one of the industry’s greatest powerhouses with the world’s most beloved Chevy pickup truck.

We all have seen our fair share of crazy classic cars and terrifying custom work trucks, but it is pretty challenging to find anything that combines the two for opposing purposes. Usually, when you lower a car to the ground or give it a ton of power, it's for racing or show purposes. However, this violent vehicle takes it upon itself to represent an entirely different subgenre of the car community. Towing is no issue for this incredible truck as it boasts plenty of power and torque from a modern diesel powerhouse under the hood and an 80's Chevy chassis.

Check out this epic slammed C10 here.

The engine, as mentioned above, is a 12-Valve 5.9-liter inline-six engine that came straight out of a 1993 Dodge pickup truck. That famous motor is putting out a ridiculous 750 ft/lbs of torque, which is enough for all of the team's towing needs. The chassis seems to be a very slightly modified C30 chassis that has been fitted under this incredible C10 Dually. The utility is the name of the game with this mash-up truck. Holding the car upright is a set of 22" wheels on the front and 24" in the rear, which means that the inner and exterior fenders had to be heavily modified to fit.

Of course, this truck is on air suspension, which seems like an odd choice for this type of vehicle until you realize it serves as a rolling promotion for the shop. Showcasing the design, team, and effort that went into this thing is sure to catch the right people's attention. The interior is also highly comfortable for road trips and picking items up because of the red leather seating and modernization, which allows for a great driving experience. This terrific truck combines the best from both the classic car community and truck world, and it is awesome.

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