Mustang Dream Car Becomes Nightmare After Wreck

Jan 16, 2022 2 min read
Mustang Dream Car Becomes Nightmare After Wreck

Sometimes a car is never the same after an accident, or is there more to this?

Ben Tatman was living the good life when he bought his 2017 Mustang GT, his dream car, last year. However, as it happens to many drivers, he was in an accident last October that landed it in the shop in need of repairs. Crashes and the repairs that follow can test the most patient person on the planet, but there is some reasonable expectation that there will be light at the end of the tunnel, for Ben, that expectation went out the door when nine months rolled on with no Mustang back in his possession.

Learn how a classic car wound up with a mechanic for six years here.

The shop he took the Mustang to after the accident told Ben and his insurance company that the Mustang needed a new steering rack, but when installed a new one, it turned out to be faulty. After that, the car was moved to the Ford dealership to have a second one fitted under warranty, and that was just the beginning of the mess. Getting the parts needed would take months, but it seemed like every part just wouldn’t resolve the issue, with added wait time in between.

A master technician at Ford was unable to install the fourth steering system, and an attempt was made to remedy the issue with software, and it appears that the situation has turned into a wild goose chase that prompted the Mustang’s owner to contact Which Car? To explain, “I believe other Mustang owners and people looking to buy this car should be made aware that there appears to be a major issue with the steering rack. And, as for the fact that I’ve been kept waiting for nine months, I believe the customer service policies of both Admiral and Ford are totally wrong; they just simply have no care in the world for their customers.”

So, it’s not a great deal all around, and while it might be an iceberg, it could also just be one car with this particular issue. We have reached out to Ford for clarification.

Source: Which Car?

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