Formula MKV Supra Flexes V10 Muscles

Dec 15, 2021 2 min read
Formula MKV Supra Flexes V10 Muscles

Crank the volume and literally feel this build…

Pro drifter Ryan Tuerck lives a life of extreme performance, so it’s not really surprising they guy would take a MKV Supra and drop a sick V10 into that ample space under the hood. This approach goes well beyond people swapping out the BMW straight-six powerplant for a 2JZ because it adds almost twice the cylinders and dials things up well beyond ridiculous.

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In other words, we absolutely approve of this build. The mill powering this Bimmer Supra is a Judd GV4 V10 which revs to over 10,000 rpm. The included video of this car on the dyno shows how extreme the build is as the motor and exhaust scream like an eagle on fire about to divebomb a rhinoceros into oblivion.

Speaking of the exhaust, it does plenty of crackling and backfiring. You’re even treated to some pretty sick flamethrowers. We expected nothing less and weren’t disappointed.

As one would expect, power from the Le Mans V10 engine is respectable, but it’s actually not ridiculous. You see in the video it’s proven on the dyno, it’s pushing 630-horsepower at the rear wheels. In the day and age where there are three-row crossovers with more power at their wonton disposal, that might not sound like much. And that really demonstrates how crazy the horsepower wars of today have become. What a time to be alive.

While this thing sounds incredible on the dyno, what will be really great is seeing it at work on the track. Tuerck hasn’t treated us to that yet, but he did release a cool trailer-like video of the MKV Supra at play drifting on some rural road. That allows us to hear what the car sounds like outside of a building and it’s quite glorious.

We’ve included both videos for your viewing pleasure.

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