Michael Jackson’s Former Bodyguard Not Dressed Right To Buy A Ferrari

Feb 28, 2023 2 min read
Michael Jackson’s Former Bodyguard Not Dressed Right To Buy A Ferrari

Ferrari can be a little judgemental about their own customers…

It’s no secret that Ferraris are all about style in class, just look at the man that made them in the first place. Enzo Ferrari was highly focused on projecting elegance above all other features in his cars. They even go through lawsuits just to keep their vehicles in stock form or at least away from the public eye when modified . So it’s hard to wrap one’s head around why Matt Fiddes thought he was going to buy a Ferrari and a tracksuit of all outfits.

It’s a process called Pretty Womaning, you might have seen it in movies and TV shows in the past. Essentially, two women walk into a fashion store, one dressed sharply and the other dressed poorly, and the staff will often ignore the poorly dressed woman in favor of a sharper looking customer. It may not be right but it is at least understandable. Ferrari makes no if ands or butts about it, they are about style and simply put a tracksuit has none of that.

So when the former Michael Jackson bodyguard walked into a Ferrari dealership and was ignored because of his outfit, who could really be surprised? If you don’t get what I’m saying, next time you see a restaurant with a black tie dress code go ahead and walk in wearing a white tank top and see where that gets you. There isn’t any excuse to treat someone poorly, especially if they are just trying to obtain services from you. However, there’s also no reason for this guy to be all upset as he is because supercar dealerships in general are typically very scrutinizing about who they sell their cars to. You’re talking about multi million dollar cars that cost three or four times the value of most people's houses. If you really want one so bad, then maybe next time wear something that actually has taste. Not to mention the fact that you can’t even buy a new Ferrari without first owning a used one so if the staff doesn’t notice you it’s because they don’t know you.

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