Man Turns Driveway Into Drift Track

Jun 5, 2024 2 min read
Man Turns Driveway Into Drift Track

This driveway drift course is an awesome addition to a New Zealand homeowner’s house.

As car enthusiasts, we love almost nothing more than having fun in our favorite performance cars. Whether you are a collector whose vehicles barely ever make it out of the garage, drift junky always ready to take tight corners with a smile on your face, or drag racer looking to push the limits of speed and power, we can all appreciate a good track day. However, some areas seldom ever have racing events or even a track to go to, which is what led a particular car guy from Japan to develop his own ideas.

Apparently, the least ridiculous option was to build a mini drift track around the front yard of his and his wife's house in New Zealand. So naturally, those of us who live in homeowners association-controlled neighborhoods may be scratching our heads about how he could do this. However, the community's reaction is possibly the funniest part of the project. In true neighborly fashion, rather than getting upset and calling some manager somewhere to give him a ridiculous $45 fine, everyone in the area jumped for joy in hopes of helping with the build process and eventual victory lap. This can be seen through the video, which features a full-length montage of people coming together to lend a hand to their friend Takeshi Teruya, the homeowner and car guy in question.

The whole thing added up to about $10,500, an excellent price for a track that spans around 0.1 miles of land. He was able to do all of this and get such a bargain because of his friends' help. When all was said and done, he finished the project off with an arch above the start and finish line, which reads "#FamilyDriveway," a great way of honoring the hard work that the whole team put in as well as his wife and two children. This thing was built to let the entire family have fun, and it looks like it will be here for decades to come. So to everyone involved, we say good luck and have fun!

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