Would You Share A Corvette With Your Sibling?

Jul 1, 2023 1 min read
Would You Share A Corvette With Your Sibling?

Never underestimate the power of a classic car!

The bonding power of a car is undeniable. Be it father and son, husband and wife, or between siblings. Brothers JJ and Pierre Petersen have always been best friends, and gearheads - what a great combination! These brothers also learned the importance of sharing early on, so they decided that instead of having one car a piece, they’d share a car so they could get something they really wanted. Skeptics of the agreement between the brothers thought the arrangement would cause conflict or tension between them, but it’s only strengthened their bond.

A 1972 C3 Chevy Corvette is the car in the middle of the brotherly shared car ownership. They considered a few options before going with the ‘Vette, and this was the car they both agreed they really wanted - the sharp lines, and overall design is what roped them in.

“It’s so iconic, you can really just appreciate that this car is 47 years old!” the brothers shared.

Ironically enough, the brother actually didn’t know much about classic cars when they set out to get one. They were extremely excited about the process of learning about the car and finding out more about the niche in general. The duo is from parents who immigrated here from Europe, so they weren’t as immersed in car culture as first generation citizens.

One of the most fond memories they have is of the first road trip they ever took together. They remember this trip, not because it was a relaxing and easygoing time, but because it was actually quite trying. They offer that they experienced nearly every type of driving condition - hail, snow, thunderstorms - and they just bunkered down and kept push through it.

While the car has its own little quirks, it’s car that seems to like to be driven. It’s not that it’s the fastest car in the world, what they love is how it responds to being taken out on the open road.

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