Locksmith Helps Thief Steal Dodge Hellcat

Mar 21, 2023 1 min read
Locksmith Helps Thief Steal Dodge Hellcat

And it just gets worse from there…

A locksmith helped a thief unlock and start a Dodge Challenger Hellcat from a high school parking lot in Haltom City, Texas recently. If that sounds outrageous to you, just know the locksmith was acting in good faith after the thief represented himself as the vehicle owner and showed a student ID to prove who he was.

Learn how thieves got Cristy Lee’s Hellcat here.

That’s right, a student ID card, which of course isn’t easy to fake, is all you might need to trick some locksmiths into giving you access to any vehicle in a high school lot. That’s about as outrageous as the fact some high schooler drove a Hellcat.

Not only did the locksmith make a key for the client, he also programmed a key fob after the student ID was presented. As the locksmith broke into the Mopar muscle car, triggering the alarm, a school resource officer got involved. However, that officer didn’t suspect the supposed student wasn’t the actual owner of the vehicle.

The locksmith told a local reporter that he usually has a person show him the vehicle insurance and other info. However, in this case a student ID was apparently all he needed. We’re not sure how that works logically and we have a funny feeling the rightful owner of the Dodge feels the same.

Per the local report, a student ID qualifies as government-issued identification, satisfying the law in Texas. Not surprisingly, after the guy got access to the Hellcat, he took off in it without paying the locksmith, so everyone but the thief lost out in the situation.

Whoever took the Hellcat found the two Apple AirTags hidden inside and threw them out. This is why we advise looking up a tutorial on removing the speakers from AirTags and using other devices to prevent theft and possibly for tracking, especially if you own something like a Hellcat.

Source: NBCDFW

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