This LaFerrari Is Really An Old Toyota

Oct 13, 2023 2 min read
This LaFerrari Is Really An Old Toyota

Someone really wanted a hypercar without paying for one…

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen someone take a rather pedestrian car and turn it into a hypercar lookalike, but we have to admit this replica LaFerrari looks better than most. Fabricated from scratch by YouTube channel NHET TV in Southeast Asia, they used a crappy old Toyota something-or-other as the base, then built it up to become a far more beautiful machine.

Check out a LaFerrari built out of snow here.

When you first start watching the video you get to see the Toyota in all its glory. Seriously, if you can identify what it is we want to know, because it’s not entirely clear. The thing is missing most of its body panels, including some doors, which makes it the perfect candidate for this project. Plus, in true Toyota fashion, even though the thing is ugly it still seems to run no problem.

Sure, the finished product isn’t nearly as powerful as the LaFerrari and for anyone who knows the hypercar well, it doesn’t look quite like the real thing, but these guys did an impressive job all things considered. Before you criticize the work they did, we think most people wouldn’t even know where to begin on a project like this, let alone have the wherewithal to see it through to completion.

All the work is done in a garage that’s located in either Vietnam or Thailand, we’re not sure which. What we know is if you look through the NHET TV channel on YouTube, you can see these guys are pros at creating supercar or hypercar bodies for junk cars, including Paganis, Bugattis, Lamborghinis and of course Ferraris. They have some serious talent in this arena and that could lead them to become involved in other projects down the line.

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