Kim Dotcom’s 1959 Cadillac Is Auctioning Now

Jan 20, 2023 2 min read
Kim Dotcom’s 1959 Cadillac Is Auctioning Now

This is a beautiful car…

Internet start Kim Dotcom is quite controversial, but whatever you think of him you have to admire his former 1959 Cadillac Series 62 convertible. It belonged to the man until New Zealand authorities seized it during a police raid of his mansion in Coatesville back in 2012. Now the classic American luxury car is being auctioned off, so you could have a chance at owning it.

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According to the listing, the pink Cadillac has just 57,200 miles displayed on the odometer, plus it’s numbers-matching. From the photos everything looks to be in reasonably good condition, including the paint, chrome, and white interior. The seller did say the horn ring has broken and that the white wall tires have yellowed some. However, there’s some nice factory equipment included, like air conditioning.

Also included in the listing is the claim there’s no rust present anywhere. The seller also claims there are no “signs of major repairs to the body” and that a “panel beater” who focuses on classic cars inspected the Caddie, concluding it’s “in great condition.” This person also claims some “experienced Cadillac collectors” looked at it and said it’s worth “at least $180,000” in its present condition. Keep in mind that’s for the Kiwi market with New Zealand dollars.

The seller says on the listing for Trade Me that Dotcom brought this and another Cadillac into New Zealand back in 2010, however after the raid it was kept by the Kiwi government until a few days before it was listed by the current owner. Supposedly, Dotcom didn’t go through the correct process of importing the luxury convertible into the country, so that was a bit of a problem. If true, and we can’t verify it is, that’s quite the story that really generates some interesting questions.

You have until January 23 to place a bid on this car, so if you’re interested check out the lot listing here.

Images via Trade Me

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