Joel McHale’s Car Collection Isn’t Huge

Mar 7, 2024 2 min read
Joel McHale’s Car Collection Isn’t Huge

The actor and Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge judge says he’s a gearhead at heart…

Perhaps it’s because of celebrities and other wealthy individuals like Jay Leno that some people today think you can’t be a true gearhead unless you own some obnoxious number of cars. That’s why we find it refreshing when actors and others with plenty of cash have a more reasonable collection they obviously love. Not everyone needs a warehouse of rides to convince the public they like to really drive. And that certainly seems to be the case with Joel McHale.

See the Dodge Challenger pulled out of an Oregon river here.

The actor, who’s famous for his roles in Communityand The Soup, is also one of the latest celebrity judges on Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge. Some were surprised when he was revealed because the man isn’t well-known as a gearhead. But he reassures everyone he’s been an enthusiast even though he couldn’t really indulge in the hobby until recently.

According to NBC’s brief profile on him, he got into Hot Wheels as a kid and even tried to jump them over a ravine behind his house. That started the love affair he’s continued today with a nice little collection of six cars.

At least we think his collection is “nice” even though McHale won’t tell everyone what all is in it. NBC says this is because the guy “doesn’t like to show off.” But then they admit he owns a Subaru STI, so that kind of blows the previous statement out of the water. And now we’re left wondering if he’s a closet vaper?

He bought the Subie back in 2004 and apparently his wife hated it, calling the thing a matchbox car. They were small, but McHale liked it anyway.

Later, McHale bought a 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S, a much nicer addition to his collection, if we say so ourselves. To drive the family around, he then bought an ICON Toyota FJ43. He’s definitely an LC fan because the guy also has a 1990 Toyota Land Cruiser complete with the retro side stripes.

As for the rest of McHale’s collection, it seems to be a mystery for now.

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