Jeep Carjacked At Knifepoint, Crashed Into School Bus

Mar 30, 2023 1 min read
Jeep Carjacked At Knifepoint, Crashed Into School Bus

Looks like it’s time to start banning assault knives…

An employee of the Rochester City School District was carjacked at knifepoint recently. That unidentified victim was injured during the assault and her Jeep was taken. When police tried cornering the suspects, they backed into a police car, then sped off and hit a school bus.

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Thankfully, none of the children in the bus were injured, nor was the driver. Police were able to arrest the two male suspects, both in their early 20s. But that doesn’t mean everyone is safe because these guys probably aren’t going to be incarcerated long. Plus, there are plenty more criminals looking to steal cars, including getting them through violent carjackings.

One local reporter has detailed out how the problem of car break-ins, carjackings, and theft has been ongoing for employees of the Rochester City School District. A district spokesman said that a response to a recent survey revealed over 60 employees have recently been victims of these crimes while on schoolgrounds. The solution is obvious: we need to ban assault knives now.

In all seriousness, Rochester, like many other cities, has a crime problem that’s spun out of control. While some people want to blame the problem on symptoms, the only way to get things under control again is to go back to basics instead of trying to pursue the same high-minded academic exercises which helped get us where we are. There’s something to be said for common sense, especially when so many of our current leaders lack it.

Back in 2020 increasing car thefts were widely blamed on the pandemic. It was a convenient scapegoat. While people not using their vehicles for days at a time might have created some opportunity for theft, car theft rates, including carjackings, have only risen since. Something needs to change or the situation will become worse.

Images via KPRC 2

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