1976 Corvette Stolen In South Carolina

Mar 30, 2023 1 min read
1976 Corvette Stolen In South Carolina

Be on the lookout for this car…

A red 1976 Chevrolet Corvette has been stolen from Adams Run in Charleston County, South Carolina and law enforcement is asking for everyone’s help in the recovery. According to the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office, the theft took place in the early part of March, with the owner discovering the sports car was gone on March 8.

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There’s evidence the C3 Corvette was loaded onto a car hauler or trailer and towed from the property where it was sitting. No license plate was attached to the vehicle, which we assume hadn’t been registered to drive on the road for some time.

Whenever we feature these types of “field find” vehicles on private property, some people have a strong reaction, even going so far as to state the owner “doesn’t deserve” the car(s). While we would hope nobody would use that as justification to steal a vehicle, it sadly wouldn’t surprise us if they did. After all, there are many ways to try making theft sound noble.

Car theft has been so out of control lately, the risk is that everyone starts becoming almost numb to it. Instead of this becoming the “new normal” or whatever, we want to keep emphasizing that everyone, not just the police, needs to pitch in to make a difference. You’re not being a busybody by asking questions if a friend suddenly has a rough ’76 Corvette and no believable story about how he got it.

If you know anything about the theft of this 1976 Chevrolet Corvette from Adams Run, South Carolina or have any information that might help out, Charleston County Sheriff’s Office is asking you contact Detective Mike Thompson at 843-554-2471 or methompson@charlestoncounty.org. Let’s help this owner get his ‘Vette back.

Image via Charleston County Sheriff’s Office

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