Jaguar Driver Hits Cow, Dies

Jan 28, 2023 1 min read
Jaguar Driver Hits Cow, Dies

What a way to go…

We can think of plenty of horrible ways to go, but hitting a cow with your car probably isn’t one we’d come up with on our own. That’s exactly what happened to a man was driving his 2000 Jaguar Type S through rural Vermont. In a way it’s a great way to check out because you’re doing something fun.

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According to a report, 48-year-old Jason St Pierre was driving with 30-year-old Cody Shepherd in the Jaguar sedan at over 100 mph on VT-105 in Sheldon when a cow stepped out into the road. The driver plowed right into the bovine, leaving him with fatal injuries.

A nurse was reportedly on the scene of the accident before officers arrived and concluded the driver had died.

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The accident, which took place near the Canadian border at about 11 pm on October 9, totaled the Jaguar and killed the cow. In other words, only Shepherd got out of the situation alive.

Vermont State Police say speed was a “major factor” in the crash. When you’re going that fast in limited visibility, which in a rural area at night definitely constitutes limited visibility, it’s hard to spot and avoid moving obstacles like livestock.

A local report says the speed limit on the highway is 50 mph. That means St Pierre more than doubled the limit, which we really don’t recommend. When you’re going that fast, your time to react to something like a cow stepping out onto the road is dramatically reduced. Plus, your stopping distance increases drastically.

Police are still conducting their investigation of the crash. They’re asking for witnesses to step forward. Also, they’re trying to determine who’s the owner of the cow.

Source: Yahoo

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