Thieves Hit Ram Truck Factory, Again

Jan 26, 2023 1 min read
Thieves Hit Ram Truck Factory, Again

Why does this keep happening?

Stellantis should look at beefing up security for the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant, especially after thieves hit the place again, this time in the early morning hours on January 17. At least this time the 9 suspects didn’t get away with any vehicles. But if past behavior is a good predictor of future behavior, we don’t need to wait long for another heist to be pulled off.

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According to Sterling Heights Police, one of the stolen Ram trucks hit a police car during the failed theft. The suspects used two others to ram (pun fully intended) the entry and exit gates, however that didn’t work.

An image of one of the trucks used to ram through one of the gates was posted to Facebook by Macomb County Scanner. It looks like the maneuver triggered a pop-up barrier which stopped the Ram dead in its tracks, so perhaps Stellantis has upgraded security since the last heist.

After the unsuccessful heist, 9 suspects were arrested, say police. Detectives are now looking to see if the group might have committed other thefts, something which is probably pretty likely. We know at the very least the person or people who trained and send these thieves are responsible for quite a few stolen cars in the area. Most of these car theft rings also like to recruit children, which is probably why we’re not getting details about the suspects.

Back on January 14, a Livingston County Sheriff’s deputy pulled over a Ram truck which had been stolen from the Sterling Heights storage lot. However, Ram trucks aren’t the only vehicles thieves are targeting in factory storage lots. Flat Rock Assembly is another popular target, with thieves swiping Shelby GT500s multiple times, leading police on high-speed chases. The same thing has happened with Camaros stolen from Lansing Grand River Assembly.

Source: Detroit Free Press, Macomb County Scanner

Image via Facebook

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