Irish Influencer Has Range Rover Stolen

Dec 8, 2022 2 min read
Irish Influencer Has Range Rover Stolen

See, it happens to everyone…

We personally know a few too many kids and adults who are easily influenced by social media influencers, believing these individuals lead a semi-charmed life. A good reminder that they have problems like the rest of us comes via one Irish influencer Sinead O’Brien who runs the popular Instagram account sineadcurvystyle after thieves swiped her Range Rover from her house in the early morning hours of November 25.

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According to a post by O’Brien, the theft took place while the luxury SUV was parked at her house overnight. She doesn’t specify but we’d be willing to bet it wasn’t in a garage but instead was left outside. Unfortunately, that not only lets thieves know the vehicle is present at your home, but gives them easy access.

A news report confirms that O’Brien didn’t leave the keys in the Range Rover. Sadly, far too many people who have keyless ignition/entry just keep the key fob in the cupholder, even overnight, because they don’t have to turn the key to shut off the engine and they just plain forget. We’ve covered many luxury vehicles stolen from driveways overnight this way.

Instead, O’Brien said in her Instagram stories that the luxury SUV was locked and both keys were inside the house. Still, that doesn’t mean thieves can’t use that to their advantage. Key fobs broadcast a short radio wave, which with the right equipment criminals can capture and broadcast to the car by standing right outside your house. This is why we urge anyone who parks their vehicle with keyless ignition outside to place their keys in a Faraday cage when they’re not in use. That blocks the signal and keeps the vehicle safer.

Still, some car thieves are practiced and have the right equipment to hack electronic ignitions. We have no idea how O’Brien’s Range Rover was stolen, however she took to social media to ask people to be on the lookout for it.

Source: FM 104

Images via Instagram

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