Inserting A Tesla Key Into Your Body Is Apparently A Thing

Aug 24, 2022 2 min read
Inserting A Tesla Key Into Your Body Is Apparently A Thing

Elon, please help us go to Mars, we don’t want to live on this planet anymore!

A man in the Detroit Metro has caused quite the stir by bragging to media outlets about having his Tesla key implanted in his hand. The guy says he kept forgetting his keys, which was a huge inconvenience, and since he’d never heard of an AirTag or being present, decided to have the key chip inserted under his skin. This is like something you would have laughed off from The National Enquirer ten years ago, but sadly this guy is hardly the first one to have a Tesla key inserted into a body part.

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While this recent news is causing a huge stir online, we were able to find several other examples of people inserting a Tesla key chip into their body, with two dating back to 2019. One was a guy in Utah, who has a few chips implanted in both his hands, along with a magnet – all just for fun.

The Detroit-area guy who recently had the key chip inserted into his hand at a tattoo and piercing place told CNN he wishes credit cards would provide a loose chip to insert into his body as well. After all, he has a chip implanted in his other hand to unlock the front door of his house, plus that chip has loaded onto it all his medical information. What could possibly go wrong?

Placing these foreign objects into your different limbs to unlock and pay for things is totally normal in 2022, at least according to those who are so fascinated with technology they’re willing to go down the path of becoming a cyborg for convenience's sake.

People have pointed out that people getting their Tesla chip implanted in their body part are risking having that appendage chopped off by a carjacker. Considering the brutality of crimes we’ve been seeing lately, that’s not outside the realm of possibility.

Call us old fashioned, but we still like carrying our keys on a ring instead of implanted in our hand, arm, or somewhere else. And we don’t forget our keys because that would be like forgetting to put on shoes or make our bed in the morning. It’s almost as if technology is making us lazier, stupider, and more dependent on technology.

Check out the videos (warning: graphic content).

Source: CNN

Images via YouTube

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