India’s Biggest Car Thief Brought To Justice After 27 Years

Sep 14, 2022 1 min read
India’s Biggest Car Thief Brought To Justice After 27 Years

5000 cars, 3 wives, and three probable murders later…

Originally starting his money making journey on the right side of the law behind the wheel of an auto rickshaw, Anil Chauhan soon became known for his criminality and extravagant resume of theft. Perhaps it was because of financial struggles or maybe some greed, either  way the driver eventually began stealing cars in 1995 and slowly growing his operation as the years passed. Nowadays, more than 27 years later, the police have finally apprehended the alleged car thief and charged the suspected car-bandit with some pretty insane feats. It's actually pretty impressive how this man was able to get away with his acts for so long before things inevitably caught up to him. So you might be wondering, what all do they say he did?

Beginning his delve into the world of grand theft auto in 1995,  Chauhan took it upon himself to take the wheel of a lot of cars. Over his long career he eventually moved to Assam where he began working for the government as a private contractor. If that isn't some juicy irony then I don't know what is, but then again corruption is not out of the question for any governing body.

Overall, Chauhan is said to have stolen over 5,000 cars which he has used to afford a hefty real estate collection. On top of all this he also has three wives and some children which might actually make you feel sorry that he’ll likely be seeing the inside of a jail cell soon. However, he also probably killed three people in the process of stealing cars so if he really did all of this stuff then there is no empathy coming from me. All of these things  are accusations  at this point but we hope the people responsible for the theft of that many cars are brought to justice and given consequences for their actions.

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