Indiana Couple Rocked By Dodge Charger Theft

Dec 27, 2021 2 min read
Indiana Couple Rocked By Dodge Charger Theft

They were sleeping just feet away…

A couple in Dekalb County, Indiana are shocked someone stole their 2021 Dodge Charger on the night of December 13. Since the Mopar was in an attached garage, they like so many others believed it to be secure.

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These people bought the Charger back in October, so they’ve only been able to enjoy it about 2 months. The only sign of what might have happened was that the bottom of the garage door was bent. We don’t want to spell out what exactly that might mean, but for those who are familiar with ways to defeat garage door openers, it’s pretty clear what the thieves did.

Yes, your attached garage isn’t secure at night. Garage door openers aren’t impervious to break-in attempts. There are ways to guard against this, usually involving physically locking the door to the track, but most people don’t want to deal with the inconvenience. However, if you own something particularly hot, it might be worth the extra effort to make your garage more secure. Sure, a truly determined thief will find a way through just about anything, but most aren’t that determined.

As for the couple who own the Mopar, they’re torn. On the one hand they want their car back, but on the other they’re scared if they did get it back someone else will show up in the night to take it. In other words, they’ve been traumatized by someone invading their castle, an understandable response.

2021 just like 2020 has been punctuated by a wave of car thefts. Many criminals have targeted Mopars specifically, seemingly because they’re easier to take and they can be sold for plenty of money in the black market. The fact the Ford pickup sitting in the other side of the garage was untouched by the thieves should tell you something about how hot Dodge muscle cars are in the criminal world.

Source: WPTA

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