Idaho State Police Aren’t Good With The Electric Dodge Charger

Dec 22, 2022 2 min read
Idaho State Police Aren’t Good With The Electric Dodge Charger

What are they, technophobes?

When Dodge executives decided to transition away from gasoline-powered Chargers, they might not have stopped to consider how law enforcement agencies might react. While some in the Bay Area might buy a few to get applause from the public, more will likely have the same reaction as Idaho State Police, which is looking to move from the Dodge brand to something else.

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Idaho State Police do use the Ford Explorer and F-Series, but the Dodge Charger has been its mainstay. While it’s possible it will switch to all crossovers and pickup trucks, there’s a good chance the agency will find an alternative sedan to the Charger.

With American automakers deciding nobody buys cars these days, despite that being an obviously false conclusion, so law enforcement agencies might be forced to go with a foreign brand. That could give Toyota the chance to make a pursuit-rated Camry, a dream we’ve always had (that’s a joke). Other possibilities include the Nissan Altima, Mazda3, Hyundai Sonata, that one ugly Kia, or a Volkswagen Passat (that’s a joke too – the Passat itself, that is).

Police departments with larger budgets and an image to maintain might opt for something like a BMW 540i or Mercedes-Benz E450. Criminals – sorry, suspects – will love the soft leather seats and massage feature as they’re carted off to jail for processing. After all, it’s only tax dollars they’re spending.

Ultimately, Idaho State Police and other law enforcement agencies might settle on the 2025 Dodge Charger after Dodge comes to its senses once it loses big time market share with the all-electric Charger. That’s just a guess, but we can totally see it happening.

Source: CBS2

Images via Facebook, Wikimedia Commons

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