Honda Unleashes The Accord Hellcat

Aug 17, 2022 2 min read
Honda Unleashes The Accord Hellcat

This bad boy is pushing a monstrous 270-horsepower…

Back in 2014 Dodge made one of the most epic car commercials ever by trolling the Volkswagen Passat and everyone who chooses such a car. As the camera pans around the Charger, an announcer talks about the available Hemi V8 with up to 470-horsepower, which was a lot before the Hellcats stormed onto the scene. After that buildup, the announcer says it’s the Volkswagen Passat, then says he’s joking. It irked a lot of straight-laced VW fans, but we’re wondering if it didn’t inspire a few Honda people, given that one of them slapped a Hellcat graphic on their Accord.

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The photo of the Honda Accord Hellcat was posted on Reddit. Whoever took it probably saw the car parked in a lot and just couldn’t believe their eyes, like when it used to be a thing to put Bentley badges on your Chrysler 300 or the time we saw a Dodge Neon with Viper badges.

You can’t help but ask if this was a joke or did someone think they could actually fool anyone with this? Maybe they don’t understand what a Hellcat is? Perhaps they just thought it was a cool graphic and that was the start and end of the endeavor.

These sorts of things happen all over, like when someone slaps a “It’s a Jeep thing… you wouldn’t understand” sticker on their Compass because they think they’re part of the club now. The Honda crowd has a long history of misappropriating badges, like the many regular Civics wearing a Type-R badge back when there was no such thing in North America.

Then again, maybe someone did squeeze a Hellcat engine in this Accord and somehow kept the stock Honda hood to make the ultimate sleeper. That would be pretty amazing, but we really doubt that’s even close to the truth. Instead, this is the Honda crowd just being its goofy self, slapping whatever on their cars to try making them look cool. Hellcat owners should be flattered they’re looked up to so much by someone with a car sporting an evolved lawnmower engine.

Photo via Reddit

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