Hidden American Muscle Car Collection Is A Must See

Jun 8, 2022 2 min read
Hidden American Muscle Car Collection Is A Must See

This is what YouTube was made for!

We know a lot of people think the main purpose of sites like YouTube is for watching cats do silly things or doing some dumb dances to music nobody will care about in two months. However, we happen to know the real purpose of all this technology is to see car collections you would never have access to, just like what barn find expert Dennis Collins has so graciously provided recently. In the video included with this article, you’ll get virtual access to an amazing American muscle car collection which is hidden away from prying eyes.

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While these muscle cars are beautifully restored classics and modern masterpieces, they’re not just garage queens. The owner uses them in drag races, so that earns our respect. Mixed in with the muscle cars are plenty of Corvettes and a Ford GT, making the collection all the better. The facility is like one giant man cave with memorabilia, a kitchen, and even a Camaro pool table.

Now, you might think it’s selfish to have all these cool vehicles and not let the public take a look at them other than taking one to the track. While we understand that, we’ve seen people treat others’ rides at shows with less than respect so many times, it’s easy to see why one would begin to not trust most to be around something this awesome. After all, the cars in the collection wouldn’t be in nearly as good of shape, what with all the scratches, missing shifter knobs, and other sheer disrespect that would undoubtedly be paid to them.

We should note the owner does have groups of friends over, so he’s no hermit. But he’s not exactly letting just anyone stroll in off the street, treating his facility like a public museum.

Also, there’s the thievery aspect of things. In this sad world of ours, there are people who are always looking out for themselves. They’re on the prowl every moment of the day, trying to figure out how to separate others from their property so they can score some quick cash. We wouldn’t doubt for a moment this collection would become a target of such individuals, even if they are a minority.

Check out the collection for yourself.

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