C8 Corvette Drives Through Florida Flood

Jun 8, 2022 2 min read
C8 Corvette Drives Through Florida Flood

The viral video of this C8 Corvette is absolutely blowing up…

People are absolutely losing their minds over videos of a black C8 Corvette driving through floodwaters in Florida. It’s easy to understand why, because the driver decided to go through streets so flooded, the water came up to the American sports car’s windshield. Everyone is wondering what kind of moron would do such a thing, and we don’t have a logical reason because it’s absolutely a stupid thing to do.

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The first video shows a side view taken by a woman standing in front of what appears to be an apartment building. It’s definitely on a residential street. Her, some kids, and other people off camera can be heard exclaiming in disbelief as the guy is obviously really pushing the C8 Corvette to get through the water. He makes it, but the situation could have easily turned into disaster.

Afterwards, the video shows the Chevy sports car idling out of the water, probably the guy making sure it’s still running okay. That’s when the people note it has Washington plates, concluding that’s why he drove through the standing water. We’re pretty sure there are floods in Washington, after all there are floods in Phoenix, so we don’t think that’s the reason why he did such a thing.

A second video shows a different angle of the black C8 Corvette with black trim driving through water up to its windshield. While the video quality is much poorer, the guy or someone standing near him is cheering on the driver for whatever reason. Maybe they were just excited he didn’t kill such a beautiful car.

Likely what saved this C8 from a watery death was the mid-engine layout. While the water was completely over the hood, the front of the vehicle pushed out enough of a wake to allow the top of the side scoops to draw in fresh air instead of just gulping water. If he had slowed down or stopped, it could’ve been curtains for the Corvette, so good thing he just kept going at a quick enough pace.

We’re not encouraging anyone to drive through floodwaters. You run the risk of the water being so deep your car will start floating as you flood the engine and maybe worse. It’s always best to just not drive on flooded streets if you can help it.

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