Hellcat Powered Jeep Grand Wagon Resto-Render

Dec 18, 2022 2 min read
Hellcat Powered Jeep Grand Wagon Resto-Render

Can you imagine how cool this would be to drive?

Station wagons are not exactly known for their ridiculous horsepower or huge displacement engines. For the most part, when we see one of these relics of the past we think of it as an SUV, everything from the wooden trim panels to the boxy rear makes us think of these vehicles as little more than family haulers. However, perhaps that assumption is exactly why we are seeing this vehicle today. While it is true that station wagons were not made to be fast, they are still cars and as goes the nature of car enthusiasts, if it has wheels we shall make it fast!

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The vehicle in question is a 1980s model Jeep Grand Wagoneer which is sporting a high horsepower surprise under the hood. Before we talk about that, however, let's talk about the exterior. Wrapping around the set of silver-gray wheels are some BF Goodrich All-terrain T/A tires. Underneath the bumper, an air dam gives hints that this wagon is not everything that it seems to be. The aforementioned “surprise” under the hood is a Hellcat engine! Of course, that motor is famous for its 707 horsepower, the 6.2-liter V8 is equipped with a supercharger and helps the wagon reach the incredible performance displayed by other Mopar Hellcat variants.

Unfortunately, this is not a real car, rather it is a rendering and possible insight into what is to come for one very special company. That company is Vigilanti 4x4, an aftermarket restoration company that specializes in these types of vehicles. While the Jeep in question today may just be a rendering, that isn't to say that it won't be available someday.

The company has a few examples that are yet to be completed with prices ranging from $185,000 to $295,000 when complete. The idea of a fast Jeep station wagon is such a ridiculous and interesting concept and we hope that the project proves profitable so that we can see more things like this in the future.

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