Hellcat Carjacking Shows Thieves Getting More Aggressive

Jan 18, 2022 2 min read
Hellcat Carjacking Shows Thieves Getting More Aggressive

Someone is eventually going to be killed by these creeps…

On the morning of January 15, police were called after reportedly a carjacking attempt took place in the parking lot of Royal Express Coney Island in Royal Oak, Michigan. The target was a Dodge Challenger Hellcat, which is so often the case. After breaking out the window, the thieves weren’t able to get the Mopar muscle car started, so they fled. The owner was probably pretty relieved his ride wasn’t stolen, unlike so many others.

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However, the thieves weren’t done. They returned just minutes later, walking up to the car. Concerned, the owner confronted them, but one of the thieves pulled out a gun and shot at the owner, thankfully missing.

For reasons that aren’t clear in the local report, the two would-be thieves just gave up and left. Considering they had a gun they proved they were willing to use, you’d think they would’ve taken the Hellcat without resistance at that point. We’re guessing they realized they couldn’t get it started easily and with gunfire the cops would be at the scene quickly.

Witnesses and surveillance cameras documented the getaway vehicle, which to the shock of nobody who’s been following this Hellcat theft spree, was a Mopar. They piled into a black 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT with Ohio plates. And also not shocking is the revelation the Jeep was stolen.

Police say both the suspects are black males, the first one with a thin build and dressed in all black. The second had his hair in braids and wore both a light mustache as well as a small beard. It’s believed both of the guys are in their mid-20s.

This just illustrates how car theft can easily escalate to more serious crimes, even murder. Thankfully, these guys obviously aren’t good marksmen, but they were desperate and/or foolish enough to use a gun during the incident. The longer this car theft spree goes unchecked, the more likely thieves will get the idea that just taking cars from people at gunpoint is a good way to go about business.

Source: Click On Detroit

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