FuelTech USA's Trans Am: The Powerhouse Reawakening of a Pontiac

Mar 20, 2024 2 min read
FuelTech USA's Trans Am: The Powerhouse Reawakening of a Pontiac

This is one bad bird!

Witness a revival that's nothing short of roaring! FuelTech USA is rekindling the legendary fire of Pontiac's iconic Trans Am, tuning it to push boundaries and conquer the ultra street racing scene.

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While Pontiac may have bid the automotive scene adieu, its legacy as a frontrunner in muscle car manufacturing lives on. For decades, the brand, tethered by General Motors' racing restrictions, captivated the hearts of gearheads with its line-up of pony cars, which brilliantly married power, affordability, and style. Chief among these is the iconic Trans Am, known to many as a symbol of raw American power.

Enter FuelTech USA. In a video that's quickly becoming the talk of car enthusiasts, the tuning masters chronicle the transformation of a fourth-generation Trans Am. This isn't any ordinary revamp; it's a reincarnation. A rebirth of a car that once boasted horsepower ranging from 305 to 325. Now, with FuelTech's magic touch, this Trans Am is ready to unleash a mind-boggling 1301.1 horsepower on the tracks.

Paying homage to its origins, the car retains its iconic yellow-green metallic hue, reminiscent of the Fourth Generation Trans Am WS6 known for its distinctive T-Top roofs and nostalgic pop-up headlights. However, beneath the hood, it's a whole different beast. The original engines have been swapped out for a menacing 342 LSX engine, paired with a turbo LS setup, transforming this car into an asphalt-consuming monster.

Jerry Guy, the proud owner, has a clear vision: he wants his Trans Am to rule the world of ultra street racing. To achieve this, the car is powered by FuelTech's FT500 EFI System, FT Injectors rated at 520 lb/h, WB-O2 Nano, and a series of other FT products. The transformation becomes evident when, upon firing up the dynamometer, the Trans Am clocked an astounding 1065.9 horsepower, which with more tuning shot up to 1179.8 horsepower.

But the road to this revved-up glory was not without its bumps. Challenges faced during the tuning process, particularly with the rocker arms, momentarily halted the Trans Am's march to greatness. Yet, even these setbacks couldn't contain its raw power, with a recorded peak of 1301.1 horsepower.

For the uninitiated, the allure of ultra street racing is hard to capture in mere words. It's a niche, a cult, an adrenaline-fueled spectacle. Tailored for American production vehicles, this racing category emphasizes neck-to-neck competition on smaller tires, often over an 1/8-mile stretch, and abides by the NHRA Pro Style Ladder format. The aim? Simple. Unbridled speed under a blanket of regulations to ensure fair, pulse-racing competition.

Whether or not we'll witness this Trans Am scorching the asphalt in ultra street racing action remains uncertain due to the challenges faced during tuning. Regardless, its very existence, a testament to Pontiac's enduring legacy and FuelTech USA's tuning prowess, already ensures its place in automotive lore. For many, just hearing that engine roar is victory enough.

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