French Mustang Bullitt Gathering Sets Record

May 30, 2023 1 min read
French Mustang Bullitt Gathering Sets Record

We hear all the cars only have one gear: reverse…

By now if you haven’t caught on to the fact the S550 Mustang has become an international phenomenon we don’t know what rock you’ve been living under. Ford has bragged about the pony car’s popularity overseas, something the Mopars and even the Camaro haven’t been able to achieve on such a scale. One sign of this international fandom comes via a gathering of Bullitt Mustangs in France of all places.

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That’s right, the land of crappy, weird cars Jeremy Clarkson loves to mock even more than he does American automakers was the sight of a record-setting gathering of Bullitt Mustangs. Before you get too excited, it was only 33 of these movie-inspired cars which met up during an event called Bullitt Days held in central France, per a report from Ford Authority.

There were more than just S550s in attendance. Apparently, there were some SN95, S197, and at least one classic Bullitt in attendance. Who knew at least 33 Frenchmen had such automotive taste?

Of course, if one were to hold a Bullitt gathering in the US, which has been done, it would easily surpass such a paltry number. Even though the Mustang is popular with some enthusiasts in Europe, it’s still nothing close to the kind of excitement Americans have for the pony car. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper here and more powerful than in a lot of other areas of the world.

Still, even in the US many consider the Bullitt Mustangs from every generation to be quite desirable. Attribute it to the coolness of Steve McQueen or everyone’s fascination with seeing the original car careening over the hilly streets of San Francisco, it’s a popular ride among enthusiasts and collectors, both here and abroad.

Image via Ford

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