Bullitt Charger: Where Is It Now?

Dec 28, 2022 2 min read
Bullitt Charger: Where Is It Now?

Here’s how a few holes in the body of an old a classic may uncover a decades-long mystery.

Bullitt was one of the most iconic car person movies of its time and these days still presents an incredible image to enthusiasts that simply can’t be beat on the big screen. It is to the Mustang and Charger what Smokey and the bandit is to the Firebird Trans Am lineup, it’s symbolic representation of the cars we all know and love. So it would make sense that the vehicles used in shooting should fish at a pretty hefty price but there’s a problem. Nobody really knows where the Chargers are.

The Mustangs on the other hand are very well accounted for, an odd oversight indeed as somebody thought it was a good idea to keep track of the Mustangs but not the Chargers. That was, until a man bought the vehicle thinking he was getting a regular Charger but soon discovered some interesting things that led him to believe he had found a Bullitt. One of the main things that really tipped him off was the paint color but something else always itched at him while he was restoring it.

That was, the fact that there are several very oddly placed holes in the body and interior floorboards. When reviewing pictures taken on scene of shooting the movie, he noticed that the holes on the body where camera equipment would’ve been mounted lined up almost perfectly with the holes in his car. On top of that, the yellow paint job was the same as the hero car of the movie which was originally yellow, re-painted in black, then repaint it again and yellow for sale. Eventually he tried to sell the Charger for a whopping price of $1 million, at which many laughed because he didn’t have any definitive proof that it was actually the Bullitt car. However he did eventually sell for a much lower price and nowadays the car is circulating through the classic market. But the question still remains, as it was never truly proven in the first place. Is this really the Bullitt Charger used on screen and if so where is it’s stunt car counterpart?

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