French Car Collection Boasts Six Panhards

Feb 7, 2024 1 min read
French Car Collection Boasts Six Panhards

This is a wild barn find…

In modern times the idea of adventuring into the great wilderness only to find a forgotten warehouse full of classic cars is one that may seem foreign. Maybe you've been dreaming of your own find, running around the old property like Nathan Drake looking for the next treasure fix. However, videos like this one are here to show you that your goals are not only limited to the confines of your head. In fact, this particular collection is a great example of some of the globe’s best vintage cars from the earliest years of automotive production.

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As you might expect, the lot holds quite a few American cars such as the many ‘20s and ‘30s French automobiles. All over the area you can clearly see at least six Panhards whose manufacturer prioritized a particular market and as such are sort of hard to find now. It’s incredible enough as is finding a massive gathering of vintages like these. However, those aren’t the only cool cats in the club.

Along with some other unique automobiles, there is the Dyna X and Dyna Z models which are indeed matching twins. How could one forget the PL17, a vehicle from one of the world’s oldest brands that is today nearly unheard of. There’s also a vehicle known as the Ford Vedette, a distinctly unAmerican car known for its unexpected styling. All of these things combine to make one of the coolest classic car collections seen in modern times. Who will be its next viewer?

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