Formula One Driver Chases Thieves In His Ferrari

Apr 12, 2023 2 min read
Formula One Driver Chases Thieves In His Ferrari

They had zero chance of losing him…

Theft is a problem all over the place, including in Italy, and people are getting sick of it. That might be why Formula One driver Charles Leclerc decided to give chase to some guys who allegedly stole a luxury watch from him. Making the scene even more spectacular was the fact Leclerc used his Ferrari 488 Pista Spider for the pursuit.

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Chase scenes involving F1 drivers are usually quite exciting – just watch the movie Ronan for some great examples. Unfortunately, the surveillance footage of this pursuit that was released by Italian police is a little choppy, so we don’t get the full effect of the action. Still, it’s pretty interesting to watch.

The incident in question reportedly happened back on April 18, 2022 when the F1 driver was meeting with fans in a Tuscan town. As Leclerc was moving through the crowd, shaking hands and such, someone slipped the bespoke Richard Mille RM67-02 watch off his wrist and took off running.

Thinking he would get away, the guy jumped onto a scooter with an accomplice and they sped off. Police say two more accomplices jumped into a rented SUV and also fled the scene. When Leclerc jumped into his Ferrari to chase the scooter, the guys in the SUV tried slowing him down.

Ultimately, police caught all four suspects, but without Leclerc making the collar. Instead, they poked a little fun at the driver’s vigilante efforts. Considering things could’ve turned out far worse, Leclerc is a lucky man.

While we understand the frustration everyone feels about crime continuing to rise and prosecutors who think playing catch and release with repeat offenders is justice, we’re not advocating anyone chase down thieves like this. After all, plenty of criminals won’t hesitate to use deadly force.

Source: Drive

Images via Twitter

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