Car Thieves Were Stuck In A Winter Storm

Apr 12, 2023 2 min read
Car Thieves Were Stuck In A Winter Storm

And they were rescued by the cops…

This winter has been truly a wild one, especially in areas where snow is a regular occurrence. Getting stuck in the white stuff is a real risk, something two alleged car thieves learned the hard way in Benton County, Washington. After getting rescued by some deputies, they got special bracelets and a free ride.

Watch a guy flog his Ferrari 488 GTB in the snow here.

According to the Benton County Sheriff’s Office, the situation started when someone reported a suspicious vehicle in the area of South Meals Road outside of Finley. When deputies arrived to see what was going on, they learned the two people inside the vehicle had been trapped there for two days, all thanks to a recent snowstorm.

If you ever get help from law enforcement, you need to know they always want to know who you are. It’s amazing how many people have open warrants for their arrest. They also like to run vehicle tags. In this case, they found out the disabled car was in fact reported stolen out of Pasco.

With that information in hand, deputies arrested the driver for possession of a stolen vehicle. Now it’s possible the driver wasn’t the one who stole it, but having a stolen car is a good way to land in a jail cell.

As for the passenger, the sheriff’s office says that person was suffering from an unspecified medical condition “not related to the incident.” We have no idea what that might mean since it could be almost anything. That person was transported to a hospital for medical care. Perhaps they will be arrested later.

After bagging a suspect and a stolen car, deputies had to wait for a tow truck. Making the best of the situation, they made a little snowman on the front end of one of the patrol vehicles, as pictured. Great job, deputies!

Photos via Benton County Sheriff’s Office

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