Ford GT Becomes World’s Fastest Street Car

Jan 9, 2023 2 min read
Ford GT Becomes World’s Fastest Street Car

Johnny Bohmer pushes this GT to well over 300 mph.

Ford GT built between 2005 and 2006 was one of the coolest American supercars to ever play the game but was largely forgotten by most of the American public up until very recently. This is likely due to the fact that tuners and custom shops are starting to realize that you can do some pretty intense stuff with these American racing legends. For instance, Gas Monkey Garage built a car that they said could probably go 300 miles an hour but their team only had the courage to hit around 292 mph. Well, that was until Johnny Bohmer got behind the wheel and pushed it just a little bit further.

Across the entire body of the vehicle, you can see all of the detail that went into making the car as visually striking as it is. Everything from the exterior design to the interior is made for speed and driver comfort at high acceleration. All these things make it a great race car but an interesting feature is the fact that it’s 100% street legal and the driver even regularly picks his kids up from school. So it’s cool to see a car that can do 300 miles an hour and still drive around on the road just like all of us normal sports car drivers.

Speaking of that three digit speed goal, you’re probably pretty anxious by now to know just how fast Johnny Bohmer got his car to go. In total, a speed of 310 miles an hour was achieved behind the wheel of this incredible Ford GT. If there was any question that this car was a super car then it should now be pretty much clear considering it’s faster than pretty much any Bugatti you’ll find on the road. All of these things make it an incredible piece of automotive engineering art and technology that is simply unbeatable by pretty much any modern performance car standards. On top of that, it drives on the road regularly meaning it is a bit of a local legend around the area. Who knows, you might even see this 300 mile an hour beast driving around on the road near you.

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