C8 Z06 Engine Already Blows Up

Jan 9, 2023 2 min read
C8 Z06 Engine Already Blows Up

The car ran great, for about 50 miles…

Buying a first year model car is a very sketchy way to get yourself on the wrong side of some crime scene tape. Typically bugs in the car don’t get fixed until the second or third year, and even then it’s a gamble. Speaking of poorly made cars, the C8 Z06 has just been released and fans of the brand are understandably excited. However, as one man found out the hard way, the Z06 is far from perfect and still has some tricky problems to be addressed.

One such issue has a lot to do with the engine, the LT6 V8. After just a few hours of owning the car, the driver was soon met with a major problem that might just turn sour for the GM brand. While it’s not clear exactly what happened, it probably has something to do with the fact that the car’s engine stopped working after just 52 miles. Thankfully, the engine officially clocked out in an area that the driver could safely pull over. So how exactly does a brand new supercar blow up its engine after only 50 miles?

Well, the driver was not allowed to test drive the car and the vehicles as sort of treated like extremely sacred supercars. On top of that, the driver reports a weird vibration upon starting up and driving. Essentially, both the manufacturer and the buyer and dealership are at fault though the manufacture is clearly the most concerning part. With all of this in mind, it was sort of expected that there would be issues in the first production year of these cars but this particular incident is one that Chevy might have some trouble getting past. For now, let’s just hope these issues can be resolved before it turns into a serious problem for Z06 owners everywhere.

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