Ford Grocery Getter Pancakes C4 Corvette

Sep 2, 2023 1 min read
Ford Grocery Getter Pancakes C4 Corvette

This happens more often than you might think…

We know a lot of enthusiasts and even normies have been noticing the general level of driving competence seems to be declining lately. Theories about that abound, ranging from the prevalence of electronic nannies to the lack of stick shifts. Whatever the reason, the effect is plenty of hobby cars are getting crushed, like this C4 Corvette which was recently pancaked by a Ford Escape grocery getting in Missouri.

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According to a local news report, the photo you see is of a Chevy Corvette that was parked in its very own garage, supposedly a safe space from the hatred of bubbles on wheels. However, even your private garage apparently isn’t secure from the car carnage which is taking out Corvettes and other performance vehicles, both classic and modern.

An unidentified woman hit the accelerator instead of the brake pedal in the Ford Escape, sending the crossover careening through the garage door. We don’t know if that woman lived at the house or was just passing by to pay a visit. Or maybe she was sent there to snuff out the joy of owning a C4 Corvette – it’s all a mystery.

Thankfully, nobody was inside or near the Corvette at the time or this easily could’ve been fatal. The news report indicates someone believes “something happened with the accelerator” on the Ford. While there are incidents where pedals have become stuck or otherwise malfunctioned, we also know it’s entirely too common for people to get confused and stomp on the wrong pedal.

We’re also pretty sure this almost never happens with vehicles that have a stick shift. It’s almost like putting automatics in everything has led to all kinds of problems. Plus managing a manual transmission means you can’t be recording a TikTok and updating your Twitter status while rocketing down the road at 80 mph.

Source and image: KMOV

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