Fluffy’s Shows Off His All-Original Chevy Chevelle

Oct 4, 2022 2 min read
Fluffy’s Shows Off His All-Original Chevy Chevelle

It’s like a time machine…

Gabriel Iglesias is a widely respected comedian across the entire globe for his hilarious stand up comedy specials. Over his vast career, he has provided millions of people with the joy of laughter and as such has gained quite a bit of wealth in the process. It’s not something he talks about a lot, because most of his comedy appeals to the ordinary working people like you and me. However, he recently made an appearance on the Jay Leno YouTube channel to showcase a car that many would consider to be a priceless piece of automotive history.

Turning heads as you roll around the streets of los Angeles is a pretty difficult thing to do in something that’s not a multi million dollar supercar. However there is one type of vehicle that will never lose its charm, a true classic. You really can’t embody that more with anything compared to this incredible 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS. It’s not like we haven’t ever seen a Chevelle before, rather they’re quite popular in automotive enthusiast circles. However it’s rare that one survives this long with its original engine or transmission. All of that makes the centerpiece of information on this car extremely impressive to anyone with a taste for vintage cars.

In truth, this is an all original example which is such a rare feature that you might even consider it to be impossible. This is because most classic cars aren’t very well taken care of, or at least they weren’t when they were new. You might think of how the new Chargers and Challengers are typically beat on and modified to hell and back for better and for worse at times. Those cars will be the classics of the future but you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that even still boast it’s original block. It’s an absolute delight to see that somebody with such a great passion for cars, and for taking care of them, is keeping this incredible 396 cubic inch V8-powered classic Chevelle alive and hopefully he’ll keep doing that for years to come.

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