Listen To This Ferrari F40 With Straight Pipes

Jan 14, 2023 2 min read
Listen To This Ferrari F40 With Straight Pipes

Oh glory of glories!

For many, the dreamiest of all cars to have rolled out of Maranello is the Ferrari F40. There are many reasons for that involve its secret development with Enzo himself overseeing the project as his very last and that fact the F40 brought Formula One technology to the road. Even though the F40 isn’t as quick as some modern Ferrari supercars, it’s just a cool supercar even by today’s standards. But what makes an F40 even cooler is a set of straight pipes as clearly evidenced In the attached video.

image credit: YouTube

The Ferrari F40 in question was put through a full restoration right before the video was shot, so it looks beautiful and runs perfectly. As part of the process, the supercar was fitted with a full Tubi Inconel LM Competition exhaust system. The material Inconel has been used in F1 racing for some time now because it’s thin, lightweight, and extremely heat-resistant. While that sounds great, the metal is difficult to shape, so fabricating anything out of it requires considerable effort and that means a much higher cost.

Thankfully, the owner of this Ferrari F40 lives in Europe and is able to stretch its legs on the legendary Autobahn. That’s definitely a proper place to show off what it can do, if you can’t get to a track with long straightaways.

In the video we’re treated from the get-go to the Ferrari F40 screaming through a tunnel, although the driver doesn’t open the throttle as much as we’d like in that echo chamber. After a short intro which shows off the car from different angles as it’s parked in a garage, we finally get to hear the exhaust at WOT and it’s truly beautiful. From there, the video is just the F40 being driven on the street with that lovely exhaust note to serenade you. Check it out and enjoy.

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