Fernando Alonso Reveals His Favorite Car

Jul 21, 2023 1 min read
Fernando Alonso Reveals His Favorite Car

It’s probably not what you’re thinking…

Formula One driver Fernando Alonso gets to drive some of the most technologically advanced vehicles in the world, which probably makes a lot of rides you would find thrilling seem rather pedestrian. It’s no wonder the guy has a $3,000,000 collection of cars that will make you salivate. Yet, when he revealed his favorite among them all, some people are left aghast.

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During a recent interview with Men’s Health, Alonso revealed that he really, really loves his Aston Martin DBX 707. When asked why, he cited how comfortable the ride is and the overall practicality of the machine.

Of course, people are shocked the man would say he loves a crossover the most. Even though the DBX 707 isn’t exactly your average grocery getter, it’s certainly not the most performance-oriented ride in the man’s garage. But he has a point.

There’s a reason crossovers are so popular. Even though we don’t like them, we understand that people like the extra space, the ease of sliding in and out of the seats, and the more commanding ride height. While we prefer truck-based SUVs with a body-on-frame construction, unibody crossovers are gentler on bumps and hug turns more, so they are admittedly more comfortable.

You also have to think about how Alonso gets plenty of fun driving time in his usual routine. The man doesn’t need to always hop in a car that goes almost as fast as his F1 racer. Sometimes you just want to cruise to the grocery store or the golf course without getting your heart racing.

Plus, Alonso has to throw a bone to Aston Martin, considering he’s financially dependent on the British automaker. But we wouldn’t complain if someone gave us a DBX 707 even though it’s a grocery getter crossover.

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