European Officials Push Against Tightening Emissions Requirements

Mar 31, 2023 1 min read
European Officials Push Against Tightening Emissions Requirements

Not everyone is on the EV bandwagon…

There’s been a general illusion in North America that Europeans are all onboard with mandating electric vehicles and eventually phasing out everything that burns gas or diesel. However, the reality is a war is growing between two factions. Surprisingly, the transport ministers from Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia are all intent on weakening the increased Euro 7 emissions limits.

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Last week, those transport ministers met to discuss how they could derail what green advocates like Greta Thunberg have pushed for. The new Euro 7 standards seek to dramatically drop the amount of pollutants exiting the tailpipes of vehicles across the continent, especially nitrogen oxides. Some have framed the battle as a crusade for public health, but others portray it as a vital step to stop the oceans from consuming land masses as the planet’s temperature inches up faster.

Like so many other people around the globe, this growing alliance against the proposed Euro 7 emissions standards has criticized the plan for being unrealistic. After all, adoption of the standards would come in midway through 2025, so it’s really only two years away.

It’s not difficult to conclude that ever-increasing emissions standards are a tool to squeeze internal combustion engines out of the market, leaving only electric vehicles. Some environmental advocates have even celebrated that eventuality in the regulations.

Another point of contention these transport ministers discussed was the 2035 deadline to phase out any vehicle which directly emits CO2, famously known as the ICE ban or EV mandate. It’s a move California and other places have made as well with government officials proclaiming that if it’s law, automakers will find a way to manufacture electric cars to be more economical. Again, the problem is not everyone is convinced such mandates are practical, with many pointing out poorer individuals would be squeezed the hardest.

Source: Reuters

Image via Travel Blog

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