Finally, we get the YouTube crossover everyone has wanted!

If you’re a fan of Matt’s Off Road Recovery as well as Bikes and Beards, both YouTube channels, you’ll be elated to know the two got together for an awesome video. This crossover event was hinted at a while ago on social media as Sean Kerr traveled from Pennsylvania to southern Utah and hung out at Matt’s shop. While he was there, he saw Ed’s vintage motorcycle, a Rokon, and decided he had to help get it running again.

Check out the latest Motorious Podcast episode here.

The Rokon in question was sitting next to the garage, where if you watch the videos there are many machines, scrap metal, and even some plush seating. Sean was told the bike hadn’t ran in 45 years. His interest was immediately perked and a plan began to hatch.

If you aren’t familiar with Rokon, the company is still in existence and claims to sell the “world’s only true all-terrain vehicle.” Now, you can debate whether that’s true or not all day, but what we do know is the machines it makes certainly are unique. That and they are incredibly capable, even when you’re dealing with an area with absolutely no trails. In fact, some areas designate Rokons as tractors.

Ed started using the Rokon to work his claim in the Sierra Nevada Mountains after a landslide trapped his Suzuki Jimny. They’re like mountain goats, tough and capable, plus it was incredibly cheap and could traverse the limited trails leftover after the disaster.

In the video, you not only get to see Ed’s Rokon, he tells some funny stories about almost flipping it while transporting sticks of dynamite or transporting 800 lbs. of gear through the mountains. You can tell he has many fond memories of the motorcycle and is excited to get back in the saddle. Plus, they have on hand a modern Rokon Trail-Breaker, so you can see that in action.

Update: Bikes and Beards has an update on the Rokon restoration project and of course it's more involved than they initially thought. We've included the latest video for your viewing pleasure.

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