1965 Ford Mustang Turned Legendary WWII Tribute

Mar 22, 2022 2 min read
1965 Ford Mustang Turned Legendary WWII Tribute

This car aims to honor its original namesake and it does that very well.

We've seen some pretty crazy first-generation Mustang builds in the past, mainly due to the abundant production numbers, iconic design, and popularity within the classic car community. These pony cars took what the muscle car started with, putting big engines into small cars, and took it to the extreme, all while offering a pretty low price and easy modification for racing purposes. There is no shortage of fabulous Mustangs with a vast array of engine combinations and exterior mods, but it isn't every day you see the rarer models get played within the garage. Interestingly enough, that's precisely what happened with this particular topic that we are talking about today.

Originally this was a 1965 FordMustang GT5350 made by Shelby American for racing and road-going applications. These cars are pretty rare nowadays, which makes this build such a shocker both to look at and hear about. While you won't find the stock engine under the hood, it's the wrap and bodywork we'd like to discuss first. The exterior is covered in decals meant to reflect that of a P-51 Mustang fighter jet. Because the Mustang name was initially meant to pay homage to the planes that fought in WWII, it's a really fantastic addition to the body of this vehicle. Of course, that design is accompanied by a reshaping of the body and shortening of the windshield to make the convertible look like an open-top airplane.

Powering this incredible beast is a massive engine that Mustang enthusiasts everywhere will get excited about. This is a 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine that comes from the factory capable of producing around 500 horsepower but has since been bumped up to +600 horsepower for this car. That seems to be just the right spot for this car and, funny enough, is just about half of the power output that the original P-51 Mustang had. With all that power, this thing would likely do very well on the drag strip, even though the brakes apparently don't work as well as they should. We may yet see this car climbing the speedometer on the track someday, stunning crowds and showing everyone what a Mustang can do.

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